We all have a goal in our lives. Whether it’s in running or not, we have a goal. And sometimes there is that little voice that sometimes makes you feel like you can’t do it. Or that your DREAM is too big, or you’re crazy for going for it. There is a name for that voice…fear.

When chasing after your dream, especially in running..it’s mostly mental. And there is definitely no room for fear in your mind. In order to be successful in reaching your dreams is to believe in yourself. I know, I know, it sounds easy said than done but it’s possible trust me. I do it and I deal with more than you know. While I share just the tidbits here and there about what I go through, there is A LOT more to my journey than you know. But I believe in myself, and so should you.

Success always starts with YOU. YOU are the one training, YOU are the one at the start line, YOU are the one running the race, and YOU are the one that will cross that finish line and get the medal. Don’t you think it’s time to start believing that you can do it and tell fear to shut up? You’ve already come so far, don’t let fear cloud your mind and tell you that you aren’t strong enough to do what you dream of.

But yes, we are all humans, and sometimes a good reminder will help keep us focused during training, or give us a boost of energy during a tough race. That is why this Momentum wrap is PERFECTION. I always wear one, even when I am having a tough pain day. I like to look down and see a reminder juuuust in case I need a reminder. And while the “Dream big” wrap is one of my favorites that I own, this one is a must have.

“She believe she could so she did.” I can’t express how true this is. Ladies, you MUST believe in yourself and chase your dreams and turn them into reality! I did it with the NYC Marathon, now I am working on my next one. I will never stop dreaming and I will never stop believing because I know I can. And I am grateful for these wraps from momentum I will always be motivated and be reminded to keep moving forward.

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Stay motivated runners and stay focused on your dreams. Never give up on what you truly want and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because I do the imPOSSIBLE every day 😉

-gelcys, the Scoliosis runner