Many of you ask me what is in the Runnerbox and what is the big deal with it. Well I just received my June/July box and I can give you more insight on it! Runnerbox is a box that you can receive directly to your home. It is shipped to you bi-monthly and it is always FILLED with runner goodies. It is NEVER duplicated. I have been receiving them for years and I have yet to get the same box twice.

Something else that is pretty awesome is that the people behind Runnerbox do all the hard work for us. They research and see what is hot in the running community and they test it out themselves before shipping it out to us.

I remember back when I was training for my first marathon and I kept looking and trying for the right fuel to get me through training and the race, it was tiring. Everything I kept looking for wasn’t working. I was wasting so much time and money. Then Runnerbox came in.

Since their boxes are always different, you never know what to expect so it’s always kind of fun to get them. Its nutrition, drinks, snacks, motivational gear, honestly anything running related. But since then, I have found many of my favorite must haves through them. They also makes boxes for cyclists and triathletes.

You can subscribe to them or order one, or give one as a gift to your favorite runner! IT would definitely be a unique birthday present =)

I do have a discount code you can use: RURUNRB at check out!! Click here for more information.