It’s no secret that the Nintendo world is making its way to Universal Orlando. Being that I grew up playing Mario Bros. and it being the most epic game EVER, this is exciting news to me! Yes I like to run, but I am also a gamer in disguise. I mean come on, while in recovery, I spend a LOT of time playing video games and watching movies. It’s my thing.

Universal Orlando has released more details are to what we are in for and it sounds like its time to power-up! 😉 There will be Nintendo themed areas coming to Universal Orlando, as well Universal Japan, and Hollywood. The areas will be big, authentic and interactive. And of course, not to be left out are shops and restaurants.

I am really excited for this to happen because it seems like it will fun for the entire family. I know my little will enjoy as much as I will even though he didn’t grow up with it. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like Nintendo?? We are thrilled and will anxiously wait and stalk for this to happen. So catch a SUPER STAR Universal Orlando, and make it happen sooner than later!