Welcome to the LONGEST day of the year! That means its the day of the year with the most sun light out. So the day has come where ASICS has gathered the teams from around the world to tackle one of the most epic races ever. 8 teams run around Mont Blanc in the relay race of a lifetime, attempting to complete the course before sundown on the longest day of the year.

There are runners as teams paired up with professional, elite runners from all over the world. Some elites you may recognize like Deena Kastor, and Ryan Hall have been at it for hours now. They took off at the early hours for Team America.

They will continue to run and do so will their teammates as they battle the harsh terrains, weather, mountains, altitudes, in an effort to BEAT THE SUN. These group of runners have shown nothing but heart, dedication, strength, and BEAST MODE!

ASICS has been tweeting EVERYTHING. If you want to know about how the race is going, follow them! They have been tweeting some incredible pictures, the hand offs, and updates on the teams. I have been able to keep up on the coverage by doing so. They also have been posting some incredible video footage on the event.

ASICS America

If you want to keep up with the teams, there is a LIVE feed of the runners as they tackle the epic race. You can follow along with them, better yet virtually run with them! Click here to see the map, view the runners, see the elevation, their speed, distance and where they are headed to next. It really is the coolest thing. I am about to hop on the treadmill and leave the LIVE feed on the computer to run with Team America 1 and 2 and round off the last few legs they have. It will be the second time I run with Deena Kastor! How else will I get to run nature’s toughest challenge!?!?


Following them is very inspiring. Since ASICS started this challenge, this had been on my MUST DO list. Maybe one day I can make this happen, but for now, I’ll just dream about it. So today, on the longest day my only plan is to BEAT THE SUN.