Today is Monday. The start of the week for most. Many don’t like Monday because that mean the weekend is over. Party time is over. Race days are over.

But you know what? There are also many people who are struggling, there are many people who are off to a rough start. There are people who want to go back to bed and start Monday all over again. And when you look at those people, they are the ones with a smile on their face and wishing everyone a “good day”. They have a secret. They do something each day to get through those rough days. I know their secret because I am one of them….

Be grateful.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Life is a hectic mess, but don’t get lost in it. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, the troubles in your life and how stressful it can be. Don’t make things so complicated.


A great way to de-stress Monday blues is to lace up your shoes! You know how beneficial running is, so if you are having a rough day, go for a quick run when you get home. It helps release endorphins and you’ll run today’s mess out on the pavement.

So when you are feeling frustrated today, just think about those things that make you happy. Take a moment and breathe, things could be worse. Be grateful for what you have and stop focusing on what you don’t have. That is the secret to happiness. Live life in the moments with those that support you and truly care about you. Make memories and laugh often. You’ll get through this beautiful, crazy, hectic mess we call life! =)


-the Scoliosis runner