Have you ever heard me mention KT Tape? Do you know what it is? KT Tape is an elastic tape that helps in muscle, ligaments, and tendon recovery. It also helps reduce swelling and pain.

You can wear it on any part of the body that has achy muscles, and even to reducing bruising! The edema applications is perfect for bruising and swelling Yes the non medicated tape has lots of uses for any person, not just runners.

I started using it about 4 years ago now, it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! It is rare if there is a day and I don’t have the tape on my back somewhere. After having 4 spinal fusions, I have lots of muscle damage and weakness in and around my spine.

Since so many different muscles hurt, I change my taping method. I always have some kind of pain, sometimes so bad I can’t even walk. But on days where it can flare up, I slap on a few pieces on my back and have IMMEDIATE relief.

KT Tape

On their site, they have many colors to choose from, which by the way, the color doesn’t mean anything. It’s a question I often get. The colors and patterns are just a way to express yourself! I am so glad they come in all those colors so they can match my running gear and my mood!

KT Tape

I had tried everything to help ease my Scoliosis pain, but KT Tape has been the only thing to calm down my flare ups. My tape lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 days. It’s move naturally with my body, and it’s so light that I don’t realize it’s on. =) While at times it’s so intense that the tape doesn’t completely take the pain away, I still use it and believe in it. It lifts the skin allowing for better blood flow through the muscles. The blood is what repairs any damage done.

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How about I offer you all a chance to win (2) rolls of KT Tape??? Let’s do a GIVEAWAY! That sounds like a good idea, right?


How to enter: Leave a comment on this blog post with what 2 colors you would want if you won and where you would place the KT Tape applications.

What you can win: (1) winner will receive (2) rolls of KT Tape

When does it end: The giveaway begins right now, until Saturday Dec, 19th at 8p.m.

Out of the comments on this post, one winner will be chosen at random to win.

Ready. Set. Go!

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