Another month down! Only 4 more months to go! This is so exciting to me, and some well mostly all call me crazy for wanting to do this and enjoy it! Us runners are crazy, I mean, who else will run 26.2 miles just for fun!!! As far as our 3rd amigo that is also training with us, he is training on his own. Our schedules collide but we should be able to do some training runs in the upcoming months!! We have to keep each other motivated and moving forward, as this will be my and Alex’s first full marathon!!! Alpha is already a pro at it and needs no motivation lol


This month in training I was able to get new shoes! WOOHOO! Actually it was the same exact pair of shoes I have now, just new lol Many people tell me about different pairs of shoes, and what I should try. BUT, “My Magical shoes” work just fine for me and I wouldn’t switch them. It is ASICS for me ALL the way!!! I ran in them with no problem and still give me the support, comfort, and magic I need when I run.  Alpha has had the luxury of running with the Saucony Kinvara 4, and the newly released Cortana 3. Both those shoes are super light but the Cortanas look so comfy. He loves them and wouldn’t get out of the Saucony family. (for those of you wondering)

I also tried a different set of compression sleeves for my shin splints, but that didn’t work. It actually hurt me more than anything. I actually had to stop running for almost 2 weeks. Boy was I grumpy lol.

Luckily I was able to return the shin sleeves and I will just continue to do what I am already doing for my shin splints. I have tried many many things for my shin pain but nothing worked. I took it upon myself to try all things shin splints related. What I found works for me….drumroll….. KT TAPE and ice!!!! Shocker, I know right? After talking with my alpha, I came to the conclusion that I need KT Tape to run. At first I saw this as a problem, but then I thought many runners need things to run. Some runners need a specific pair of shoes, or they HAVE to run with compression socks, or they need to wear a certain shirt. I need KT Tape to run and that is ok =) I am glad it is non medicated tape, and I don’t even feel it and it sticks with no problem, and it stays on for days.I see it as, at least I found a solution for me to run the long miles safely.

I also had a local 5K I was running in and it was tough! It had rained all night until the early morning so the road ways were wet, the air was thick and heavy. It was difficult being that it was hard to breath for all of us running. Nevertheless, we finished!


It was soon after this race that I had to sit out some days from running, but I got back at it. I was able to test a few more mid run fuel options. And they both seemed to work very well! I was happy that I am finally getting somewhere as to what to use during my marathon.

I started with the PowerBar ENERGY Gel I used it twice during a long run and it kept my energy levels up. I never got tired or slow at any point, my stomach didn’t get effected. It works! yay! The only problem I had with it, is that it is vanilla flavored! yuck! But if it works for me, I will deal with the flavor. I was able to run at around a 10:00 minutes pace which is awesome in my book! I ran my half marathon at 12-13 minutes a mile. I know I can run it faster, so I am training at a 10 minutes per mile pace!

I also tried the Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gel and boy was it good! Yummy I love pomegranate!! It also worked well for me. I didn’t take the first gel until a little after an hour of running, I was starting to feel tired so I knew it was time to take it. As usual I do take it with water but this flavor was excellent! And the good thing about it was that I never got tired or slow! It gave me the energy boost I needed, therefore running an extra mile and I did just fine! I was also able to keep this long mileage training at around 10 minutes pace!


Overall i was happy with my training this month. I am finally getting those long runs in with minimal pain. Although, I am a little nervous once I add the high double digits because my back usually goes numb after 8 miles(which it hasn’t yet) but I have been doing a lot of strength training, which is something I wasn’t doing before. Hopefully this will help with the pain, but if not, I have KT TAPE for that! lol


In September, I have a new challenge that I created here on my blog, and also as Color Run ambassador, I will be running the race the 22nd! I am VERY excited for this race! I will be doing it with my little cheetah family!! Have you signed up? Did you know I have a discount code for you to use? It is a very fun, very colorful race for everyone to do!! It is NOT timed, you don’t need to train, you just need a white shirt and a smile! Check it out, and use the discount code and register at a race near you =) The Happiest 5K on the planet!!!

-cheetah g