I recently had the opportunity to use a girl and her band.


As a runner with long hair, it isn’t easy to keep my hair out of my face and eyes. The bands I tried would slip off seconds after putting them on. so I tried using hair products to keep my hair in place. That wasn’t working, the sweat around my face would dry it out and my hair would go everywhere!!! Yes!!! It was annoying! Another problem I had was the ones I tried were so tight it caused headaches, that was not working for me and my headaches.

I came across a Girl and her Band and…TADA!!! No more problems =) I love these bands because they STAY IN PLACE, they are moisture wicking, machine washable, and antimicrobial for active women!!! They also did not bother me at any point. I didn’t feel I was wearing anything, and they didn’t cause headaches!!!That is a MAJOR plus!!! They have tons of colors, styles, and you can even customize some of your own, such as gifts for a girls soccer team!


So head on over and check them out!! No more bangs stuck to your forehead, and no more fly away hairs in your mouth!!! I would say the most important thing is that they are NON-SLIP!!!! =)

I was very excited to try them out and glad I had the chance to, because they exceeded my expectations!!! I’m definitely a BIG fan of a girl and her band. Head on over to http://www.agirlandherband.com to get your own and see for yourself!!! It’s worth it! Stop by their facebook page A Girl and Her Band and say hello =)


-cheetah g