Box full of runners love


I have received the latest edition of RunnerBox and it is FANTASTIC! For those who aren’t too familiar with RunnerBox, let me explain it a little… RunnerBox is a subscription box for runners, and anyone who is active really. It is … Continue reading

Training for the NYC Marathon begins


As of April 1, I am officially in NYC Marathon mode. I create my own training schedule that fits to my abilities. So far it has been 3 to 4 miles every other day. I am starting off slow and … Continue reading

The Scoliosis Runner


Dong races is so exciting! I love everything that comes with it. From the butterflies in my stomach, to getting tired in the race, to crossing the finish line. So many things come along with deciding to race! I almost … Continue reading

15K Challenge Complete!


I just finished doing the Running on the wall 15K Forest Gump challenge! Instead of running the 15K in one shot, I divided it into 3 days. Running a 5K every day seemed like a more exciting challenge. Today I was able … Continue reading

“I just felt like running.” -Forest Gump


I took upon the latest virtual race challenge that I’ve come across. It’s the Classic 15K I decided to go for a little run from Running on the wall. I enjoy doing virtual races as it keeps my training fun. It … Continue reading

What a pain in the…heel?


In running we find that sometimes we get injured. Sometimes we hurt in places where we didn’t know we could hurt! But here is a fairly common injury, the Achilles. When I ran the goofy challenge, it was one of … Continue reading

Wine and Dine and where to stay.

Marathon Weekend Only2

So now that you survived the online registration of the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon now it’s time to start training and getting your weekend travels ready! I participate in all of the runDisney races and always stay in the same … Continue reading